About Us


outsideThe Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police is a non-profit organization that was formed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on November 17, 1915. On January 7, 1963, the Grand Lodge granted a charter to Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7, establishing Lodge No. 7 as a subordinate lodge with full power under its jurisdiction for the City of Chicago. The organization was known as The United Chicago Police Association, Lodge No. 7 of the Fraternal Order of Police, governed by President Joseph J. LeFevour and Recording Secretary Richard Lis.

The preamble to the original constitution stated in part:

“We pledge ourselves to promote the health and welfare of all Chicago Law Enforcement Officers and their immediate families; to raise and maintain the professional standards of the Chicago Law Enforcement Officer; and to represent Chicago Police Officers in affairs relative to the administration of the department.”

The pledge set forth a goal, which was to elect a collective bargaining agent. In November 1980, the FOP fulfilled its goal when Chicago Police Officers elected Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge No. 7 as their representation. It was not until August 19, 1981 that the FOP Lodge No. 7, became the collective bargaining agent for the police and the union for 8,202 Chicago Police Officers. The current President is Dean C. Angelo, Sr.